Monday, September 5, 2016

Couple who Died Way Back in the 800 B.C., Shocked the Archaeologists When They Dug Up Their Bones!

     In the archaeological site in the northwestern of Iran called Teppe Hasanlu, two sets of human bones where found buried beneath the ground, but it wasn't just that. The Archaeologists found out the skeletons are said to be 2,800 years old already, and based on their findings the bones were from a Man and a Woman and was dubbed as "Hansanlu Lovers" after it got discovered in 1972.

     According to the Historical Photos, it seems that the couple has passed away together back in 800 B.C., because of the war that was happening that time. They were seeking protection in a bunker, until the ground above them collapsed which leads to their suffocation. And they were discovered to be in a position where the man was wrapping his arms around the woman while they were connected through their final and eternal kiss.

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