Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Filipino Blogger Wants the Philippines To Get Hit By Typhoons Because of President Duterte?!

     A Filipino Blogger turned New York-based Blogger is one of the bashers of the President Duterte. He posted his wish that the Philippines has to get hit by typhoons so that it will teach the President a lesson.

He posted on his verified (blue check mark sign after his name) account on Twitter:

"I can't wait for typhoon season to hit Philippines para maturuan ng lesson si Duterte. Go right ahead and burn your international aid."

     He must have said this because of President Duterte's remarks recently which regards the UN and EU who was criticizing Pres. Duterte's administration. A lot of his followers were shocked with his harsh words towards the country, and of course a lot of people bashed him for what he posted. Here are some of it!

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