Monday, September 12, 2016

Here's the Reason Why There's No Mercury Drug Store in SM Malls!

     Have you ever wondered why there's no Mercury Drugs at SM Department Stores? You probably have, and the proof is that you're here! Anyways, the man behind the number 1 Mall in the Philippines, Henry Sy Sr., was an ambitious man ever since he was young.

     He badly wanted to be rich so he tried a lot of businesses, but most of them failed to succeed. Then he remembered that he wanted and dreamed of owning a small shoe store. Getting customers for his shoe store has been a struggle, and that's when he noticed Mercury Drug, as it has been in the business for so many years, and a lot of customers have been coming in and out of it.

    Henry Sy Sr., then approached the owner if he could rent and place his small show store there even in a small place, but unfortunately the owner declined of Henry's request, and that's why Henry promised himself that he should not let himself be embarrassed anymore and he will never let Mercury Drug to step into his life in the future, once he become rich.

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