Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Man Bought An Old Car From the Auction and Got A Big Surprise When He Opened It!

     A Man bought an old  police Car from the Auction house, the amount wasn't stated on how much he paid for it, but according to a search site, normally old and used police autos were in between P37,000 to P70,000 in cash.

     The man found out that the window beside the driver seat wasn't functioning so he decided to fix it himself. As he tore the leather interior of the car door, he saw a black bag that was hidden inside it and when he removed what's inside the bag, he found seven "Bars" of unknown item that was covered in duct tape.

     The man peeled off the tape and saw a stack of $10 to $20. The man excitedly posted in online and immediately changed his mind and deleted the pictures. Though unfortunately some people copied his pictures and shared his story online.

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