Monday, September 26, 2016

This Little Girl Needs Your Help so that She Could Undergo Surgery! Please Share!

     The girls name is Lyka Mae M. Abao, and she's from Barangay Central II, Oval, Palompon, Leyte. She's currently 7 years old, and she badly needs your help!

According from Jade Mojado, the one who posted Lyka's story on her Facebook Account:

"On March 2014, at home, there was no power because of the Super Typhoon Yolanda that struck in 2013. Lyka was about to get their lighted lamp over the altar, when it accidentally fell off and the gas poured out to her causing her face to get burned. She was rushed to the hospital ."

"It wasn't this complicated before, until now, the burn stretches as she grows. The doctors said that it could still be treated, if she undergoes surgery; however, her parents don't have the money to let her undergo surgery."

"We're knocking on your doorsteps to help us free this child from her pain and agony."

     If you are willing to help her, please message Jade Mojado or share this so that it could reach those people who are willing and can help her to undergo a surgery.

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