Friday, September 23, 2016

VIRAL: She Left her Husband Because He's Poor, He's Jobless, and Has No Ambition In Life! Check Here What Happened Next!

     Getting married to the one you love is good, but marrying a person or leaving your partner because of their status in life will bring you such unfortunate results!

     Just like with this couple who got married, but the man didn't have any ambition in life besides loving cars as a hobby, he even resigned from his work, while the woman got disappointed with her husband for his negligence and feared that she'll live in a bad financial state in life so she left her husband with a letter of farewell, and assumed that this "Edward" would be more responsible.

     But the man's response was mind blowing, as he responded to his wife's letter as he explained why he resigned at his job. Turned out he won 275 million through lotto, and was planning to have his own taxi-uber company. He also bought a new house and planned for a trip to Paris and Germany.

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