Wednesday, October 12, 2016

40-Year-Old Man Brings His 12-Year-Old Pregnant Wife to the Hospital & Even Lied That She was 20-Years-Old Already!

     A Man in his 40's appeared with a 12-year-old girl whose pregnant in a hospital in Xuzhou City, East China's Jiangsu Province with another woman who claimed to be the girl's mother-in-law. According from the reports, the girl was 3 months pregnant and went to the hospital to get her routine check up, but the Doctors got shocked because the man insisted that the girl was already married to him and was 20-years-old already.

     Even though the man tried so hard to convince the doctors that the girl was over 20-years-old already, the doctors and the staff can't believe that the girl was over 20 because she looks young, one staff even said that it's pretty obvious that the girl was just a child and is nowhere near 20-years-old.

Since the staff and the doctors were suspicious of the man's story, the man got angry and said that " I took her here to be examined so just do your job. Stop asking so many questions."

     According from the police reports, the girl didn't have any id's with her, and was probably a foreigner from Southeast Asia, while the Man was arrested while they're investigating on the said matter.

"Every year 15 million girls are married as children, denied their rights to health, education and opportunity, and robbed of their childhood. If we do nothing, by 2030, an estimated 15.4 million girls a year will marry as children."

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