Sunday, October 9, 2016

Agot Isidro Calls President Duterte a Psychopath! Check Here Why!

     The Actress Agot Isidoro has trended on Twitter last Sunday for her strong remarks against the Philippine's President, Rodrigo Duterte, whom she called a 'Psychopath.'

     Isidro criticized President Duterte for his continued remarks against US and the other International Bodies, such as EU & UN.

Screen Grabbed from Agot Isidro's FB Account

     The Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella has stated that the Actress, Agot Isidro, was entitled to her own opinion. Abella even added that " we need to really hear what the President is calling Filipinos to do, which is be free from dependence on foreign aid, which is what the lady (Agot Isidro) is fearful we will lose."

"The President is calling for Filipinos to be truly independent economically, mentally, and psychologically," added Abella.

     Whilst the Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar has stated that the government is welcomed continuing the foreign aid despite the President's lashing.

     Of course the Actress gained some haters for what she did, and some even said that she's a part of the "yellow cult" because of a picture that she previously have posted. Here's the picture below.

Note: We ain't supporting anyone on this matter we're only here to inform the Filipino People about this topic. 

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