Wednesday, October 26, 2016

R-Breezy Model Toni Fowler Tried to Kill Herself After Getting Linked as The Third Party For the Break-Up of a Famous Couple in a Social Media?! Must See!

     The internet sensation, twerk queen, R-Breezy model, Toni Fowler tried to commit suicide after she got allegedly tagged as the third party for the break up of the famous couple in the social media site called Facebook!

     Recently the Vine Couple, King Badger (Jon Gutierrez) and Jelai Andres(an FHM Model) were reported to have broke up, and it seems that Toni Fowler was the third party and the reason for their break up. Fowler received a lot or criticisms and bash, and even cyber bullied after she got dragged in the break up issue of the said couple.

     Photos of Fowler then surfaced in the social media of her slashing her wrist has become viral and some pitied her and some still criticized her. King Badger and Jelai Andres haven't revealed the truth to this yet.

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