Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2-Year-Old Got Beaten To His Death by His Own Cousin?! Must Watch!

     In Calinan, Davao City, a 2-year-old boy got beaten to his own death by his 25-year-old female cousin along with her husband last November 15, 2016. It seems that the baby, named John Earl, was left in the custody of his own cousin named Sara Jane and her husband, Ronilo Alca-in because John Earls' mom is working in Bahrain.

     According from the reports, John Earl was beaten by the couple because he peed while still wearing his shorts, and because of the severity of the beating, the 2-year-old died eventually. His body had bruises and wounds on his head, and his ears were also bleeding.

     The suspects defended themselves and claimed that it only happened once but, the aunt of the victim named Teresita Villa, doesn't believe the  suspects because of the findings on John Earl's medical exam suggests that the beating that he got was a frequent occurrence.

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