Monday, November 7, 2016

CL (Lee Chaerin) of 2NE1 Is in a Controversy Because of A Quran Part in Her Song?! Must Watch!

     A lot of Muslims got angry at CL and at YG Entertainment because the song that CL sang on her concert has a Quran part in it (2014). They got offended because the Al-Quran is not supposed to be used in any Entertainment purposes and thus they are defending Islam and that no one shouldn't use Al-Quran in any Entertainment purposes such as CL's song.

     YG Entertainment seem to have pulled out the Song, and changed it, but they used again the same song this year for CL's concert which angered a lot of Muslims and non-Muslims because CL and her Management seems to be disrespecting the Islam, Al-Quran and the Muslims.

     CL and her Management haven't apologized for the First time (2014), until now (2016) which shows that she and her management doesn't care about what the Muslim feel especially her Muslim fans. If she does apologize now, it would look as if she's insincere about it because of how long it took her to apologize for that matter.

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