Friday, November 18, 2016

Do You Have DO-IT-YOURSELF Braces? or Wanting to Have One Since It's Cheap? Check This Out!

     A Dentist shared her story about a patient who had Braces that were made by a regular person or maybe she made it herself (do-it-yourself braces). The Dentist named Gel Libuit shared what happened to her last November 18, 2016. A Patient came and asked how much it would cost her to grind her frontal teeth since its prominent, or easily seen since its long, and Libuit asked her who is her Dentist, Libuit even added that there's no way that she can grind her teeth to make it leveled with her other front teethes because she'll hit the nerves of the patients tooth.

     Libuit then made the patient sit in the dental chair and got more shocked with what she saw, so she asked again her patient on whose her dentist and ortho, the patient in response said that the person wasn't licensed and wasn't a dentist. According to the patient, the "person" who put braces on her would just go to her house and adjust and change the rubbers every month, it seems that the patient was aware too that she's on the fault on this case.

     Libuit said that the braces case on her teeth isn't okay anymore and it can get damaged more so she's trying to convince the patient on removing those braces immediately, Libuit even added a lot more possibilities on what can happen more if the patient doesn't remove it immediately. Libuit posted her experience because she wants everyone to be aware on how D-I-Y Braces or braces put by a non-professional dentist can destroy your teeth. Check her story below! Please be aware to not buy any DIY Braces since there's a lot of possibilities that can happen to your teeth which you will definitely regret in the future.

Encountered this today. DIY BRACES! May patient na dumating, nagtatanong, magkano daw mag pa grind ng ngipin. And then...
Posted by Gel Libuit on Thursday, November 17, 2016

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