Thursday, November 3, 2016

He Plans to Surprise His Girlfriend by Coming Home But It Turned Out That He's the One Getting a Surprise! Must Watch!

     A lot of us knew that getting in a relationship is hard especially if you can't see your special someone often, or being in a Long Distance Relationship. Some people chose to cheat, and of course there are those who waits patiently for their love one to come back to their arms.

     In the video below that was uploaded by MOTIhub, the guy planned to go back to his girlfriend after his contract in abroad is finished. He sent gifts to his girlfriend, and chatted with her through online. He even calls her frequently to check up on her, and the day in which he can come home has come.

     He wanted to surprise her, so he hid the fact that he's coming back home to the Philippines, but he was the one who got surprised instead. It turned out his Girlfriend was involved in a car accident which caused her eyes to be blind. However, despite what happened, he decided to hug her tightly and proposed a wedding to her!

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