Friday, November 4, 2016

Thief Messed With the Wrong Woman to Steal From! Must Watch!

      Two guys stole a woman's phone, but never did they know that the one that they pick as the victim was actually a MMA fighter. The female MMA Fighter is named Monique Bastos, and was supposed to go to the gym that day with her friends for her jiu-jitsu training in Brazil, when two men arrived in a motorcycle and attacked her.

     Monique noticed that the 2 men weren't armed with a gun or a knife so, she lifted the rear wheel of the motorcycle which made the 2 men fell to the ground. Sadly her phone was with the escaped man, while the other one got a beating for himself.

     The Thief named Wesley de Sousa Araujo cried for help and even begged for mercy when Monique locked him in a triangle choke with her legs around his neck. Wesley got arrested after 15 minutes of embarrassing himself.

     Monique has 6 Professional MMA fights on her record along with a few jiu-jitsu and muay thai matches. Watch the video below!

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