Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Experience This Wonderful Site Only in the Philippines! Must See!

    A lot of us think that heaven is such a heavenly place in which tiny cherub angels are playing their trumpets and harps, but a lot of us haven't realized yet that heaven does exist and its the place we live in, because we have been destroying the heaven that god built for us.

     But, in this article, you'll definitely see the supposed to be heaven from the bible stories as this place in Garins Farm in Iloilo, Philippines is based from those stories that we hear from religious people. This place can be visited for a pilgrimage since its like a place created for the ascension.

     This place is a must see, as it has replica of Christ's life, and has a flight of 400 stairs towards a gigantic the Divine Mercy Cross. The images were crafted locally, and they are indeed a sight to behold. 

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