Tuesday, December 20, 2016

She Placed Thousands of Children Inside Coffins and Sacks! Check Here Why!

     Her name is Irena Sendler and she had become heroic for helping thousands of children during the regime in which there was oppression from Hitler during Nazi Germany. Irena was only 4 foot and 11 inches in height, but even though she's a small woman, her heart is as big as the universe because of how she saved those children with her clever ideas.

     In total, she saved 2,500 children. Irena was a social worker in the ghetto areas of Warsaw, she's been giving aid to the Jews by smuggling food, medicine, and clothing for them. But during the fall of Hitler's regime, a sum of 200,000 Jews were deported towards a camp called the Treblinka death camp in which the Jews were gassed out immediately.

     Irena and her co-idealists have doubled their efforts in helping the Jews, and has successfully helped 2,500 children by escaping through hiding them in coffins, potato sacks, and even suitcases. However it didn't last long, as she got found by the evil men, which led to her capture on the month of October, year 1943.

     Irena was brutally tortured and was almost killed, but even though she almost died she never gave the locations of her co-workers in which she was given the death sentence. Thankfully she was able to bribe her way out of her death and successfully escaped.

    Irena's story was found late 1990s after some high schoolers have researched about her. In the year 1964, Irena received the Israeli honorary title of "Polish Righteous among the nations," and in the year 1997 she got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Irena was able to live peacefully after all the things that happened to her with her family until she died last 2008.

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