Monday, December 12, 2016

She Planned To Surprise Her Groom But What Happened Next Is Heart Breaking!

     A day in which 2 couples will be wed to each other through thick and thin. A supposed to be unforgettable day for the both of them. But because of the surprise that the bride was going to do, everything ended tragically.

     A groom named Udirley Damasceno will never get to see his bride in a wedding dress because of a tragic accident. The love of his life, 32-year-old Rosemeire Nascimento da Silva, planned a surprise by making an entrance from a Helicopter for their wedding.

     Sadly, there was a bad weather that day, and the helicopter crashed into a tree which killed every passengers, including Rosemeire. The other passengers, which includes Rosemeire's brother, Silvano, the Photographer, Nayla Cristina Neves, and the Pilot, Peterson Pinheiro died. Unluckily the Photographer was 6 Months pregnant, so that makes 5 passengers dead.

     The event organizer, Carlos Eduardo Batista, was the first one to receive the news after he called the aircraft company for the delay of the helicopter flight. He then spoke to the pastor about the sad news and the pastor told Udirley about what happened.

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