Monday, December 12, 2016

This Guy Was Caught Doing Something "Nasty" Inside the Bus! Must See!

     According from the source named Anaid Enaj she was on her way to a Mall in Fairview when suddenly a man sit beside her and started shifting over and over again while sitting, Anaid hid her phone because she was suspecting that the guy might be a thief, but then what she saw next scared her.

     The man was masturbating inside the bus. Anaid then tried to take a photo of the man, then signaled a co-passenger, when the guy noticed that Anaid saw what he was doing, he decided to changed seats, and sadly there was another girl passenger in the bus, but she's sleeping. The man even touched the girl which scared and angered Anaid.

     So before Anaid got out of the bus, she punched the Nasty Guy twice as payback for what trauma he caused to her, and to other passengers. She also warned girls to never sleep while in a public vehicle because this scenario might happen again to another female.
PARA SA MGA BABAENG SUMASAKAY NG PUBLIC VEHICLES. Papunta akong SM fairview kanina from EspaƱa usually di ako sumasakay...
Posted by Anaid Enaj on Saturday, December 10, 2016

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