Sunday, January 8, 2017

A College Student Died However Something Shocking Happened to Her Casket?! Check Here Why!

     A young female college student from UP Diliman died and her name's Tiffany. She was hit by a dump truck. She had a boyfriend named Joel and they were one of the greatest lovers that you could know in your life. They've always talked and texted on their phones and you would never see Tiffany without her phone.

     She even changed networks from Smart to Globe so that they can get a good network coverage and that both of them can have the same network. Joel was very close with Tiffany's family. Before she passed away, Tiffany would always joke around with her friends and tell them that "If I pass away, please bury me with my phone."

     On her funeral day people couldn't carry her coffin, a lot of them tried to but couldn't lift it. Tiffany's parents called help to a Feng Shui Master. He lit a incense stick and speak to himself silently. After a few minutes, he said that "This girl is missing something in there." Then her friends remembered that Tiffany asked them to get buried along with her phone. They placed the phone on her hands and closed the casket.

     What shocked them is that they can carry the casket now. They easily lifted the casket and proceeded with Tiffany's funeral. Tiffany's parents didn't informed Joel about Tiffany's death because he's away in the states for a month. After 2 weeks of Tiffany's funeral, Joel called Tiffany's mom and said that he's coming home.

"I'm coming home today tita. Cook something nice po, ha? Don't tell Tiffany that I'm coming home today, I wanna surprise her."

     Tiffany's mother replied with "I wanna tell you something Important after you come home here."

     Joel came to visit Tiffany and her family, and Tiffany's parents told them the truth about what happened to their daughter. Joel cannot believe them and he even thought that they were only joking. He said that "Don't try to fool me, tell Tiffany to come out, I have a gift for her. Please stop this nonsense."

     Tiffany's parents then brought Joel to Tiffany's grave. However Joel said "It's not true. We spoke yesterday. She still calls me." while shaking. His phone rang. "See. this is from Tiffany, see this.." he showed the phone to Tiffany's family to check that Tiffany indeed was calling Joel. He answered the phone using the loudspeaker mode, and all of them heard their conversation. Loud and clear no cross lines, no humming. No one can even use the sim card since its on the phone with Tiffany's dead body.

     They asked for the help once again from the Feng Shui Master, so the Feng Shui Master brought his co-masters and solved the matter for over 5 hours. Then they finally discovered one thing!

"Globe has the best coverage, wherever you go, their network follows"

     Ang lakas talaga ng Globe! Kahit nasaan ka man mapa langit o purgatoryo siguradong malayo ang mararating mo! Share n'yo na para maka ganti rin kayo! :)

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