Sunday, January 1, 2017

Creepy Man Laughs as He Set His 17-Year-Old Ex-Girlfriend On Fire?! Must See!

     A Man from Taiwan has gotten viral after he set his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend on fire, what's worse is that he was laughing while his ex-girlfriend was screaming in pain. The victim's brother shared the story as he claimed that the man, Xu Yaowen, was insane and was physically abusing his sister.

     Whenever Yaowen was unhappy or mad, he'd beat his girlfriend, and sometimes he even used a knife on her, and even choked her a few times. It seems that the girl was unable to tell her parents about it because Yaowen was threatening to kill her mother if she spoke about what he's doing to her.

     By the time his sister realized that Yaowen has attitude problem, it was too late. His sister got abused too much that's why she decided to break up with Yaowen. However, she got worried about her pet that she left at Yaowen's house so she went to Yaowen's house to get her pet back.

     It seems that Yaowen wasn't home that time, which was according to Yaowen's grandfather, and prompted his sister to enter the house, however Yaowen was actually at home and splashed alcohol on the poor victim. Yaowen lit her on fire as he laughed maniacally.

     "My sister was burning and screaming for help inside the room. My aunt and uncle wanted to rush in for help, but Yaowen's grandfather stopped them. They tried to call the police, but the grandfather of Yaowen snatched the phone away! Her beautiful face, lips, hair, and upper body are all gone. Yaowen was laughin while watching my sister on fire, what the **** is wrong with him!" 

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