Monday, January 9, 2017

This Guy Fell In Love With a Poser on FB But When He Met the Real Owner of the Pictures This Happened?! Must See!

     Manuel Cañada fell in love with a woman whose pictures where only stolen by a poser. The poser used Geneva Delariate Mopal's pictures which made Manuel to be in a relationship with a poser for 2 years! Geneva found out about Manuel because a girl messaged her asking if Geneva knows a Manuel Cañada, which she replied a no.

     The girl told her about Manuel and the poser who used her photos which left Geneva in shock. Geneva talked to Manuel to get his side of the story which made Manuel happy because he finally met the real person behind the photos that he was so in love with.

     The two started chatting and even video calling each other which led them to falling in love with each other which ended as a happy ending for the both of them. Check out the pictures on Geneva's Facebook Account -> Click Here !

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