Saturday, April 22, 2017

Watch: Lucia Joaquin Movie - The Cause of Death (Warning Very Scary Don't Watch it Alone!)

Warning before you start watching the video make sure you're not alone for it'll give you goosebumps and surely it will creep out you. Anyway this story could be untrue or it just a story who made just to scare people since the word "Lucia Joaquin" has been a talk-of-the-town last week and it really became very viral.

This video really did a good job creeping people who try to watch and read every single word in the story, the sound effects is really really good for it matches the scene. If you wanna scare yourself then before you start watching try watching it alone and and have some earphone/headset it'll really help horrifying yourself.

If you find yourself horrified try sharing it on your Facebook timeline and let other watch it. Are you ready to be horrified? Now watch the video below.

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