Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ethiopian Housemaid Kills Her Employer Madam With Her Baby!

This was uploaded by a Facebook user named Yazeed AL Bloushi according to him this was happened in  Lebanon Beirut; A housemaid killed her own employer with her baby. The post has created a lot of reactions. The following were commented by the netizens:

Truely Madly Deeply: There is some employers are so nice treatments and there is some stupid employers need to fight evryday
Well if u don't know how to respect ur maid as how she respect u. No need to bring her at all 
That's what can I say!

Luzy Carbolido Pagayon: O My Gosh, so sad, maybe she is crazy?? Even though her employer was too bad, she will not supposed to commit crimes. Run away and proceed to her nearest embassy. 😭😭RIP!

Legen Cañas Omila:  Ethiopian , or African, they are both good people, maybe that housemaid cant control her anger anymore .. so she decide to murdered her devil employer, well her decision was right,  although her punishment was death.

The video has no concrete evidence if the video and the picture along with it were related to each other. Still the video has gotten a total of 600 Facebook reactions, 13 thousand shares, 500 comments as of now. You can watch the video below.

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