Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jim Paredes alleged 'Taong Bundok' comment vs. Mindanaoans, a complete lie: My mother is from Mindanao!

JAIME RAMON "Jim" PAREDES- A former recording artist, singer-songwriter, Apo Hiking Society member denies a report that he called the people of Mindanao "Taong Bundok" and blamed trolls for making fake news about him.

On a series of tweets(@Jimparedes), he defended himself towards the controversial comment that became viral in just few days after President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law on the Mindanao group of Island

"I never referred to Mindanaoans as 'taong bundok.' My own mother is from Mindanao. Lies, lies, lies spread by trolls and losers on fake sites," (5:39 PM-27 May 2017)

"My FB account has close to 4,000 friends. Don't be fooled by fake sites. Trolls know they are losing the war on truth, so they are desperate." (5:36 PM-27 May 2017)

He also posted the screenshot of the fake "Jim Paredes" account that had the controversial comment.

Jim also made a longer post on Facebook dated Monday (May 29) caliing the comment attributed to him "a complete lie".

“I categorically deny that I called Mindanaoans ‘Taong Bundok’. My Mother is from Mindanao. I have friends from there and I have been to Mindanao countless times. I have even performed in Marawi city. I have spent happy times all over the island,” he said.

"The statement posted on a fake account are as untrue as saying the PHL constitution has more than 200 articles,” Jim added.

Paredes also called out news outlets like for reporting and making a fuss about the false controversial comment.

Politiko wrote an article on the comment but has taken it down upon learning it was made by a fake Facebook account, and apologized to Jim after the unfortunate happening.
"Our writer failed to follow internal rules on writing stories based on statements or comments from verified accounts of public personalities"
"We extend our apologies to Mr. Paredes for featuring a false claim." Politiko

Jim Paredes, known as a critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, also made headlines last February when he confronted a group of Duterte supporters during a rally marking the anniversary of People Power.

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