Friday, May 26, 2017

Rhinoplasty Got Infected Be Aware!

Rhinoplasty nowadays is very common in so many countries like Korea, Japan and China. But not all surgeons has the ability to do it properly and many cases it will end up infection and it will destroy your physical appearance.

The video and the picture along this article has gone viral because the woman in the video shows how it looks like to have an infected rhinoplasty surgery, she also shows how she got surgery to heal her infected nose, but the pictures kinda scary and freakout the netizens. Following are the netizens reactions and comments.

Honey Angelu: Some people can be so rude 😏 just because she had an infection because of her plastic surgery it doesn't mean that she deserves it because she's not contented bla, bla. Grow up, plastic surgery is very common nowadays she just got the wrong surgeon and maybe she didn't take care of it after the surgery either way it got infected but it doesn't mean that she deserves it. Many celebrities undergo plastic surgery, regular people undergo plastic surgery and even famous beauty queens undergo plastic surgery. Point is, nobody deserves that kind of pain and have people saying stupid things because of it. And sometimes people does it to make themselves feel better, to be more accepted in this society, and to just feel beautiful and worthy. Let's all stop judging!

Thalia Venz: Jacob Morris Just contented for what God given to us! If you are not happy just think there is repay for what you done with your own self but don't to strike onto God because you done by your own! Regrets is to last not on the beginning! Well blame your parents how to made it you in a first place could be in a wrong position! Or could be in a generation!

Cien Cien Lie: You have PICTURES and VIDEO untruth, with little medical experience or medical procedures, information, public knowledge and medical KNOWLEDGE TO SUPPORT this, this TOTALLY and CLEARLY HOAX, nothing to back your claims.
Millions people have had plastic surgery around the world, and no such thing happened, this just show or act or play the role to fool people.

You better think TWICE about the consequences to be entailed by your reckless MEDInsider, before post it into social media, and or before comeback to bites you.

The video has gotten viral with 2.7 thousand likes 48 thousand shares and 3.6k comments. Some says it is fake/hoax but still we should always aware of choosing right surgeon for you! You can watch the video below.

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