Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Watch: When Young Maute Members Sing About Emotional Song!

Maute group is now talk-of-the-town after they spread terrorism in the Islamic City of Marawi in Lanao Del Sur. Many people has been terrorized after the group made the city ravaged. People confused about why the Maute group attacked the Marawi City when 97% of the population are Muslims. According to the Maute group they're fighting in the name of Jihad/Islam (a struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam.)

Others say that there's political agenda of this terrorism to put dirt in the current administration, according to them; if the Maute group really fighting for Islam they should not destroy the City where most of the people are Muslims specially in the month of Ramadhan. It does make sense actually!

Back to the topic; it looks like the one who's singing in the video is still young. The song is Maranao song and it means: I'm so lucky that I will die Saheed (when a person dies in jihad way) oh my parents, I'll be living in paradise with the midadari (woman in paradise) don't heal my wounds and place my firearms beside me, oh father just forgive (me.) 

So what do you think? Is Maute group is funded by some powerful politician in the country to destroy the current administration or it just a group fighting for Islam to commit Jihad. But according to Islam there's a code/rule how to commit jihad, below is the picture where proper Jihad is explained.

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