Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Collision of Van and Truck Results 10 Dead and 6 Wounded.

Wednesday morning 5am, June 14, 2017 ; the incident happened in  Tibungco, Davao City, a collision of van and truck, according to netizens and the one who uploaded the video, the accident results 10 dead and 6 wounded. Jadef Cole the one who took the video and uploaded it on Facebook; according to him, he was jogging and saw the incident and took a video on it and eventually post it on his Facebook account.

The video currently making rounds on social media, the uploader is not sure if it happened in Bunawan or Tibungco. The post has 3 videos with more than 2 thousand shares already and a total of 100 reactions and 30 thousand views and still counting. This kind of accident is not new to us and hard to avoid since we are not sure if this kind of situation will happen to us, all we can do is to pray before we go somewhere. You can watch the video below and pray for the souls that has been taken. RIP!

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