Friday, June 16, 2017

One of the Passengers Got Suffocated Inside The Very Well Known Airplane Company in the Country, The Reason Why is Disappointing.

One of the passengers of  the very well known airplane company in the Philippines posted how disappointed she was during her flight, the incident happened yesterday Friday June 16, 2017 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. According to Ms. Gin Durano all the passengers experienced very hot atmosphere inside the airplane due to air conditioner failure of the airplane. The airplane was ready to take off and it's already in the runway.

Gin said: Cebu Pacific flight 5J 575 bound for Cebu--
Babies are crying,old people are complaining and there's a woman got suffocated and now she has oxygen on because she can't breathe. We've been here for more than an hour inside the plane.
F***** damn hot! They didn't even do anything until the woman pass out. F***** you Cebu pacific!

As you can see in the video the passengers were all complaining that they can't breath and they even suggested to open the window, one of the passengers got suffocated and had to put an oxygen to be able to breath, there is also a baby that needed to remove his clothes due to the like-sauna temperature that they experienced inside the airplane. You can watch the video below and tell us your opinion regarding this incident.

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