Sunday, June 11, 2017

Unusual Talent of Gil Cuerva Made the Fans Screaming; 10 Facts You Don't Know About Gil!

If you are watching GMA or a solid "Kapuso" surely you already know this you leading actor Gil Cuerva known for his charming, hot and sexy body with 6 packs abs, his cute eyes and his signatured long hair. Gil Cuerva is a Filipino-Spanish actor and international model. Cuerva appears in his debut tele-drama remake of the hit South Korean romantic-comedy series, My Love from the Star, as one of the leading characters. Jennylyn Mercado will be his debut love team in the series that currently aired on GMA Network in 2017.

Before watching the video you should know these 10 facts about Gil Cuerva:

The Beach Babe
Gil Cuerva is a certified beach lover.
It appears that this young actor loves beach, who doesn't love beach anyway when you have six packs abs and charming face he just justified being a beach lover.

The Model
He is a certified fashion icon, too.
Having almost 6' height and perfect shape matching a perfect jawline this man is a total package, surely every clothes that he wears will definitely look good on him.

The Dog Lover
Gil has a dog named Duchess.
An animal lover? Every girl will surely fall in love with him, not only that he got the look but being kind to animals is an addintional "pogi points."

The Cover Boy
He is all over magazines. This cover is for Meg.
Not only he's a model that you can see in the magazine's pages but he's also a certified cover boy that you can see in the magazine's cover. Perfect!

The Graduate
He went to De La Salle University.
He's not only on "looks" but he's also a smart young actor. Good job!

The Do-Gooder
Kids have a special place in his heart.
It appears that Gil loves spending his time with needy-kids, how kind hearted Gil is. Great!

The Traveler
He's a travel junkie.
Seeing that he can travel around the world this man is born with a silver spoon in mouth.

The Coffee Lover
He loves coffee too.
He loves chilling at coffee shop, who knows you might see him at Starbucks!

The Sporty Guy
He's into water sports.
A certified beach lover, of course he definitely loves water sports.

 Borgy look-alike
And Borgy Manotoc's doppelganger.

Back to topic; during his gusting on "Tonight with Arnold Clavio"  the young actor shows his unusual talent, but before he did that talent, Arnold invites one of the audience to assists Gil on removing his shirt, while removing shirt, the audience begin screaming when they see Gil's sexy body. Gil can actually dislocate his arms. You can watch the video below, enjoy.

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