Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What Could Be More Embarrassing Than to Have Penis Captivus Experience in Public

This couple had an embarrassing moment in public, what could be more embarrassing than to locked up your penis inside your partner's vagina, this condition is very to human however it is normal to the animals like dog. This condition is called penis captivus.
Penis Captivus:

As the name implies, penis captivus occurs when a man's penis gets "stuck" in a woman's vagina. This is extremely rare in humans (more common in some animals) and usually lasts only a few seconds. But it can happen. It's believed this phenomena may be caused by contractions of a woman's muscles during orgasm. The vagina is lined with muscular ridges and when some women orgasm these contract, which can presumably cause them to clamp down as well.

The website, called, was created by HKS or Hera Women's Health Center, a "boutique type" women's health center in Turkey.
"Vaginismus is not just your problem, but it is a sexual dysfunction that is frequently encountered all around the world. According to the results of a research conducted by CETAD (Sexual Education Treatment and Research Association), vaginismus rate in Turkey is 10%. Thus, one person out of every 10 is unable to experience full intercourse during a sexual relation or experience it with a lot of
pain," the website read.

These are the symptoms of vaginismus, according to HKS:
- being afraid of sexual intercourse with her partner and not being able to try to have intercourse (penetration at all)
- having partial sexual intercourse (only a part of the penis can enter the vagina)
- not being able to insert pads or tampons into the vagina
- not being able to insert a finger into the vagina
- not being able to enter vaginal ultrasound instrument
- wincing and fearing gynecological examinations and not being able to take the gynecologist's examination seat.

Berman, a best-selling author and is considered as one of America's leading experts in female sexual health, noted that vaginismus may be a result of "long-standing genital pain or dysfunction in the pelvic floor muscles," or past trauma, where "intercourse becomes associated with painful memories or a fear of losing control."
"Some women experience vaginismus throughout their entire lives -- precluding any successful intercourse -- while others find it emerges after they have had a satisfying sex life. Whatever the case, the pain and distress it causes women and their partners is real," she wrote.

Below is sample when this condition occurs.

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