Monday, July 10, 2017

These Little Viral Stars Will Surely Put Good Vibes on You!

Stars nowadays are not only seen on TVs, today there's what we call the starts in the internet. These are the starts that had gone viral and gained their popularity in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and etc. Here; these little starts in social media by Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, will surely put a smile on your day. These starts from the other countries like China gained their popularity with their unique talent. Have you gotten to know who they are? Xiao Man, Kenneth and Kenzo and oh yeah also our very own Bikbik from Philippines also have her own talent.

 2½-year-old Xiaoman/Xiao Man  also known as "Baby Cute Foodie" is an online sensation, bringing fame, a Pampers ad and questions about her weight. A Chinese toddler known online as Xiaoman, who gobbles down everything her mother gives her to eat, has become an internet sensation. After her videos gone viral, this little toddler now have many Facebook pages created by netizens and her videos can be easily found on youtube.

Kenneth and Kenzo a  3-year old cute twin form Jakarta, Indonesia who became popular after their video in which they are standing in the fat-burning machine that they look really adorable while the machine shaking their body.  And also our very own Bikbik 1 year-old little girl who became popular due to her very cute and adorable look with her own fashion style. Want to know more about them? Watch the video below.

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