Sunday, July 2, 2017

This Man Doing Unusual Ritual Inside The Jeepney! Caught on Camera!

This is not new in the country where you can encounter this kind kind of thing. More and more videos that has been posted in the social media where a certain man ejaculating in the jeepney. Again another FB user that encountered this animalistic act.

While riding a jeepney Ms. Kylie Rosie  encounters this man who's wearing yellow and doing men's ritual, but this time not at home but inside the jeepney, it appears that the man is aware that Ms. Kylie Rosie taking a video of him and even tried to cover his face. The video is currently making rounds on Facebook. So what if you are in that situation, how would you feel and how will you deal with it? We would like to know, just leave your opinion below the comment section.

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