Thursday, August 10, 2017

This Good Samaritan Is Asking for Help For a Homeless Man and His Baby! Check This Heart Touching Story!

In everyday life, we sometimes hit a Good Samaritan – a person who will help you out without asking anything in return. The homeless are those most in need of help from a Good Samaritan, as vagrant people usually don’t have anyone they can rely on. Living and sleeping in the streets is tough, as your life will be at risk, exponentially so when you have a baby in tow.

Such the story of a Good Samaritan named Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo. He went on Facebook to voice-over the story of Tatay Daniel and Baby Charles – a homeless father and child, respectively – in the will that maybe someone would be kind enough to help them.

Jerrico narrated that he encountered the said homeless father and son tandem sleeping outside of a Jollibee chain. Initially, he assumed that the two were just waiting for someone to pick them up as they had bags with them. To his surprise, the two were still there come the following day.

He ordered food for them but told the crew members not to mention who it came from.

The next day, Jerrico can't control his eagerness and curiousity then finally he approached the homeless tandem. He once again ordered food and ate with them.

Then he suddenly asked how they ended up living on the streets.

The homeless father introduce himself as Daniel and told Jerrico the series of miserable events that led to his impecunious lifestyle.

Tatay Daniel siad that he once owned and operated a small barbecue business. Then he met and married a woman who was addicted to gambling. His wife ran away and took all of their savings, leaving him broke and alone to raise his son, Baby Charles. He tried asking for financial help from his mother, but she refused to help him because she still felt brackish about Daniel marrying his horrible wife.

After hearing Tatay Daniel and Baby Charles’ heartbreaking story, Jerrico and his friends are trying to raise funds to help Tatay Daniel and his child get back on their feet. They plan on setting Tatay Daniel up with a barbecue place that could also serve as his and Baby Charles’ home.

Jerrico mentioned that Baby Charles is turning 2 years old on September 25 and that he hoped to give the child a new home before his birthday.

Jerrico’s Good Samaritan post went viral online and many netizens were touched by the story of Tatay Daniel and Baby Charles.

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