Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Troubled Student From UST Found A Bag With 34,000 Pesos in Cash And Was Given A Unexpected Reward!

University of Sto. Tomas student, Vince Luiz Cruz is needed to get his transcript of records as a Professional Regulation Commission requirement compulsory for his board exams. Still, he was completely out of money and did not realize that he needed 500 pesos more in order to get what he needed. The chemical engineering student did not know what to do and thought deeply about how to proceed.

It was then that he suddenly saw an unattended bag. Strange, he inspect the bag and found stacks of 1,000 peso bills inside. The bag carried, more than just the 500 pesos that he needed; the money totaled up to 34,000 pesos! Than was more than enough to get his transcript of record and the rest is so much. Who wouldn’t be tempted to keep the money, right?

Secure for cash as he was, he decided to not notify the nearest guard about what he found. He even reported what he discovere to P. Christopher Jeffrey L. Aytona, O.P., whom he encounter into as he also stopped by the chapel.
“It does not mean that I trusted priests more than the security personnel. It’s just that I know the protocol for [a] priest that if no one claims the money then they will send it to charities,” he told ABS-CBN in an interview.

He also said that even if he needed the money, he knew what it meant to be in need as his family isn’t very rich and his parents work for their live as shoemakers.
“I don’t want to fail my parents. I came from a poor family. My parents were both shoemakers and I studied in UST as scholar,” he said. “I might not be the most intelligent student UST could have but I always look forward to becoming a better person every day for my family, friends and especially in front of God. In our everyday life if you cannot make God happy, don’t do it.”
The UST official Facebook page stated that the money was claimed by a student the next day. It was his tuition and he was very thankful that Mr. Cruz returned it, rather than just keep it for themselves.
As a reward for what he  deed, Cruz was given his transcript for free.

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