Friday, August 11, 2017

VIRAL: Arci Muñoz of Davao? How This Girl Mimic Arci Munoz Will Shock You!

Previously, Arci Muñoz was the talk of the town because of the leak pictures of her that allegedly had a lot of cosmetic work done on her face that was been viral now. Arci had also stated that she finds nothing wrong with undergoing cosmetic surgery. Still, the lady has'nt released any statement that confirms nor denied the allegation.. On the other, she did reveal that she “overlines” her lipstick so that her upper lip looks fuller.

In another report, the actress declaimed that she suffered a awful accident that broke her nose. She shared this revelation when she appeared on the now-defunct TV show “Kris TV.” The report stated:
“Arci Muñoz appeared very conscious when she was asked by her “Etiquette for Mistresses” co-star Kris Aquino about the accident. Arci says the left side of the bridge of her nose was heavily damaged as well as her left eye.”

Recently, a Facebook post has been going viral which showed an Arci Muñoz impersonator! It was uploaded by user Giela Lorete and now it has already gained about 8 thousand likes and around 2 thousand comments. It has also been shared by netizens on their own timelines roughly 5,000 and more times.

Here's the caption of the post:

Check out her pictures below.

This is her impersonating one of Arci’s memorable singing poses:

Here is the netizens reaction over the viral photo:

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