Friday, August 18, 2017

Athena Bautista And Kathryn Bernardo Strikes Back To Barbie Imperial After Of What She Said About Daniel Padilla And Paul Salas Feud!

Daniel Padilla and Paul Salas Feud immediately explode in Twitter. It is started when Paul Salas made a insulting comment on a post that is obviously pertaining to Daniel Padilla, a netizen was quick and brought a screenshot of it to a Twitter just before Paul deleted his comment.

The tweet was seen by Marco Gumabao who happened to be a good friend of Daniel Padilla. He swiftly tagged their other friend, Patrick Sugui, in a tweet and convoked Paul Salas in a five versus five basketball match. Patrick Sugui immediately reacted and said he will book Oracle Arena for the game.

Famous DJ Jhaiho also posted a series of tweets saying that Daniel is one of the kindest actors nowadays. He also said that back-fighting is not right regardless if you're a celebrity or not.

Meanwhile, Paul's rumored girlfriend Barbie Imperial posted a tweet showing her support to Paul. She even said that bad comments will not stop her. 

This tweet caught a lot of attention. One of the people who reacted was the only daughter of Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista. 

Athena Hannah Gana Bautista, or simply Athena is also one of Daniel's close friends (their mothers Tates Gana and Karla Estrada are best friends). What she tweeted to Barbie was something that was absolutely unexpected. She simply said that Paul was wrong and added, "Wag ka na," with a laughing emoticon on it. She also said she doesn't like it when someone is messing up with her friends.

Netizens supported Athena and criticized Barbie for not knowing the difference between "supporting" and "tolerating".

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