Sunday, August 13, 2017

"Bakit Bigla Kaseng Nakikipag-Break Parang Tanga!" This Video Of This Girl Who Is Crying While Drunk Is Gone Viral! Check Her Video Here!

Recently, a video of a girl named Angeline Laboc was uploaded in her own account. This video of her gone viral and earned mixed reactions from the netizens. As you see in the video, Angeline is crying while she is in the spirit of alcohol. According to her friends she is crying because she is heart broken.

Because of it's popularity, the video gained 263,772 views, 1.2 K likes, 164 shares, and over 388 comments as of this writing.

In the video the girl stated that:

“Tas, nakipagbreak parang tanga. Wala naman talaga akong ginawa!” 
“Wala naman talaga akong ginawa eh.”  
“Nasa bahay, nasa bahay naman talaga ko nun eh.” 
“Nasa bahay ko naman talaga ko nun.” 
“Hindi sya naniniwala.”

 Photos by Angeline Laboc
Photos by Angeline Laboc
 Photos by Angeline Laboc
 Photos by Angeline Laboc
 Photos by Angeline Laboc

Her friends keep on calming her saying that:

“Kaya mo yan, jusko Lord! Kaya mo yan tang-*n*ng yan!” 
“Tama na, tama na!”
The netizens even notice that the video became more amusing because of the background music that was playing which is also related in her current situation. The song is Having You Near Me by Air Supply.

Here are some of the netizen's reaction:

Check this viral video:

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