Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Dead or Alive" Policemen Who Were Involved in the Alleged Parojinog Death Squad Offered P2 Million Cash By President Duterte!

Last August 9, Wednesday, President Rodrigo Duterte offered a P2 million bounty for each of the policemen who are involved in the alleged killings mastermined under the influence of the Parojinog family of Ozamiz City. According to a report released by GMA, President Duterte made this statement during the 116th Police Service Anniversary in Camp Crame.

Duterte said:

“Do not go into the contraband itself, like the policemen who are now shortlisted in the killing of so many civilians buried there at a cemetery [at] the back of a barangay hall. Each of those policemen carry on their head now, I am announcing, [a bounty of] P2 million.”

“Dead or alive. Better dead because [if not] I have to pay for [their] funeral parlor [expense], that’s an added expense.”

President Duterte stated that many ingenuous Ozamiz City policemen were kill by corrupt cops under the appoint of the late Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog. The president listed Reynaldo Parojinog and his group as the alleged narcopoliticians commanding over the Ozamiz City.

“There were a lot of policemen murdered by Mayor Parojinog including the killers of those policemen with him,” President Duterte said.The president also warned officials in Ozamiz City that he would visit the city soon, though he did not specify when.

“I will be visiting Ozamiz. I will not tell you when. But I will warn the policemen there, ‘yung kasama ni Parojinog and his cahoots who are members of the PNP and who were responsible for the deaths of the six soldiers before, you will have your comeuppance.”

President Duterte persuade law remaining policemen to track down those who were involved in the alleged Parojinog Death Squad. He said:

“You are free to go on leave. You just a—I’ll cut short my speech here. So that you will have a chance for a crack at the two million for those idiots of your men there f— the Filipino.”

Netizens reaction about the president’s declaration here:

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