Thursday, August 10, 2017

Drug Addict Priest Was Arrested In Tarlac During A Buy-Bust Operation!

According to a report by The Manila Bulletin, a priest and two other suspects were arrested during a police buy-bust operation in Barangay Poblacion Norte, Paniqui, Tarlac on August 7. The suspect was identified as 35-year-old Randy Valdez of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) known as the Aglipayan Church.

The alleged drug addict priest were 20-year-old Mike Raven Quinto and 23-year-old Camille Franilla – both residents of Barangay Poblacion Norte.

Joel Mendoza, Paniqui Police Chief Superintendent stated that the buy-bust operation was intended to arrest Franilla and Quinto. An undercover police officer gave the money to Franilla but it was Valdez who gave him the 2 packets of methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu.

The authorities arrested all three of them.

The police chief said that he couldn’t believe it when Valdez revealed that he was a priest of the Aglipayan Church in Cuyapo. He coclude that the suspect was either joking or high on drugs.

Chief Mendoza said:

“When we accosted Valdez along with the two other suspects, I thought he (Valdez) was joking, or either high on drugs, when he introduced himself as a priest. But it turned out to be true, he is a priest of the Aglipayan church.”
“The target of our entrapment were Camille (Franilla) and Quinto who are both on our Municipal Watchlist of Drug Personalities. It was Camille who received the r500 marked money from my policeman poseur-buyer but it was this person (Valdez) who handed the two plastic sachets of shabu. That’s why we arrested them.”
Chief Mendoza stated that five packets of shabu were discovered on Quinto. Additionally, Quinto has three siblings who were alleged drug pushers.
Valdez admitted that he was a drug-user long before he joined the priesthood.
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