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OZAMIZ CITY – Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido declaimed as he arrived here in December 2016, last year, that the Parojinogs allegedly tried to bribe him so that he would not take on the investigation about criminality – including drugs – seriously.

“They’re dead by this time and I would not want to talk about it anymore. But it’s true. It’s more than a bag of P100 bills,” Espenido said, without even saying the exact amount of the bribe allegedly tried to offered him.

He said the bribery was so obvious.

“Believe me im telling you this, I only experienced bribery here. Maybe it was the same cause why the former police chiefs haven’t performed well because of their (Parojinogs’) practice,” Espenido told the Inquirer.

Nova Princess Parojinog offered her body.

He said the Parojinogs tried really hard to bribe him “by all means” that somebody – whom he would not identify – even “offered her body” as bribe to him.

“I was so surprised when she told me that she would use her body to get what she wanted to,” Espenido said.

He said if he was unscrupulous, he could have accepted everything they offered to him.

“I came to realize that if a man is so ravenous, They will get him,” he said.

“If I accepted the offers, what can I possibly accomplish here? How can I possibly execute the laws?” he asked.

‘Illegal businesses’

In his third day into office, Espenido declaim that he found himself inside the conference room of a local Born-Again Christian church to discuss about a serious and delicate topic: illicit businesses.

It was so uncomfortable, he said, as inside there was also Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr.; Parojinog’s wife, Susan; daughter and Vice Mayor Nova Princess; brother-in-law Artemio Salas; uncle Manuel Francisco; and younger brother, Ricardo.

Espenido said during the discussion, that he was frank and straightforward: “End your unresponsive (illegal) activities so we will not have problems with each other.”

Espenido said he particularly addressed the petition to mayor Parojinog and Ricardo to surrender their horde of firearms; and to Nova Princess, Susan, Ricardo, Francisco and Salas (or Artem) to end their alleged attachment in the shabu trade.

Espenido further asked Ricardo, also known as Ardot, to turn over to jurisdiction several escaped and hiding that  he is allegedly cosset, and Francisco, also known as Maning, to end his extortion activities.

There was cold silence, Espenido recalled. “And then a series of denials followed.”
Firearms by the truckload

In August 2016, last year, Parojinog surrendered  13 firearms licensed under his name, in keeping with an oral authoritative instruction by President Duterte for him to do so. This followed his featuring in Duterte’s list of narco-politicians.

“We were told that they contain firearms by the truckload,” he said.
“I told them then that I don’t still have proof against each of them but I pledge that if they don’t collaborate, I will build the case for each of them,” Espenido related.

Series of arrests

Espenido reported  that he started small in his attempt to terminate the illegal acts of the five personalities. “We raided small time traders, force information from them until we were able to establish the flow up to the sources of drugs.”

Several months ago, police forces break the illegal drug trading operation of a former trial court judge and her husband.

Information gain from them eventually led police to the doorsteps of Artem and Ardot, Espenido said.

Another successful aim operation on another set of internediate traders led to Susan and Nova, he added.

Even during her apprehend, a video of which showed she tried to hide a pack of crystalline substance in the palm of her hand, Nova Princess remained silent over her alleged involvement in the illegal drugs trade.

“The leak information of those arrested pointed to the attempt of Artem and Ardot to control a portable and kitchen-scale shabu laboratory,” Espenido said.

Salas and Ricardo have not been seen in the city for some time now, according to Espenido. Ricardo was not around when the raid that killed 15 people – including mayor Parojinog – happened on Sunday.

Espenido said he did what he had to do and ran after disruptive elements here.

In March, present year,  at least 12 suspected drug pushers were killed in a massive police operation that he headed.

Espenido claimed that he was used to force and did not mind them in the performance of his job as a law enforcer.

He added that when he was assigned in Calbayog City, a politician also got irate with him.

Espenido said the politician’s rage got him into trouble with then Interior secretary Senen Sarmiento – who later reassigned him to Davao City.

“After the 2016 elections, I was appoint in Albuera, Leyte and be in charge to take the Espinosa drug syndicate,” he said.

Espenido indicate that his only goal in life is to apply the order of law and has not object  even if he was given new task.

“Everything has a purpose,” he said.

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