Saturday, August 19, 2017

How Toni Gonzaga Was Caught Doing This To Her Fan Will Shock You!

Toni Gonzaga is considered to be one of the nicest showbiz personalities nowadays. There is no report of a snubbish attitude especially when she's off the camera. Fans got to experienced her real nice attitude in the soft opening of her store last month!

Toni, together with her sister Alex Gonzaga, recently opened a new business! They owned a milk tea shop called Happy Cup which recently celebrated it's soft opening. Avid fans and supporters of both sisters came to the store to support the sisters' business as well as get a chance to meet them.

Who wouldn't want to miss a chance to meet their idols? There were no reports of the sisters' snubbing or ignoring their fans. You could just imagine how disorderly it would be: fixing drinks for paying customers all day then you have to balance being a celebrity and taking pictures with them as well!

People even praise Toni and Alex for staying to the store throughout the day. After the opening ended, the celebrity sisters stayed in the shop throughout the entire day so they could serve their customers. Pictures posted by fan sites and individuals show Toni and Alex getting serious in preparing their customer's drinks.

A smile never left their faces even if though their tired. Fans got a chance to take pictures with Toni and Alex. There would be times that other famous celebrities would refuse taking pictures with their supporters, especially if it has been a long day.

But Toni knows the value of her supporters' effort! Especially since they just opened a new business they would want to see grow.

An Instagram video shows the caring side of Toni. She was videoed saying "Bigyan mo si Kuya" then we saw a poor man holding a baby. Toni felt that he needed help and she wanted to give him food! Such a great person you are, Toni! May God always bless you. Keep it up!

Here's the video:

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