Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Huwag Ng Magkamaling Panuorin Ang "Nabubulok" Dahil Bulok Sya!" GMA Head Writer Suzette Doctolero Criticize The Movie of ABS-CBN Saying That It Is A Trash!

Recently, a head writer from GMA 7 criticized the movie directed by a writer from ABS-CBN.
Suzette Doctolero, GMA's headwriter and Creative Consultant for Primetime in GMA Network, previously posted a status on her Facebook account negatively criticizing the Cinemalaya 2017 entry “Nabubulok  directed by ABS-CBN writer and first-time movie director Sonny Calvento.
As Suzette stated, the movie was badly made and had a tasteless story line, so she persuade people to watch the Cinemalaya 2017 movie “Respeto” starring rapper Abra instead.
She posted:

On the other hand, Neil Daza, the cinematographer of the movie “Nabubulok” and eight-time awardee, including a Gawad Urian Best Cinematography trophy for the Cinemalaya 2014 entry “Bwaya” responded to the GMA head writer’s post saying that they would promise to live up to her expectation next time. 
He reponded:

Suzette then answered to Neil’s post stating that he shouldn’t be upset with her negative review of the movie as she is a paying customer who wanted other viewers to get their money’s worth. As she said, she is only suggesting other individuals who haven’t watched Cinemalaya films to come and see positively reviewed movies as movie tickets are expensive. 
In a long post on facebook, she stated that:

Netizens reacted as they saw the conversation between the two writer's. Some people agreed that Suzette did the right thing by speaking her mind while others said she could have said it in a more respectful and nice way.

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