Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Is It True That Marian Rivera Is Pregnant Again? Watch Her Full Interview Here!

In Marian Rivera's previous interviews before she got married, she claimed that she couldn’t wait to start a new family with Dingdong. She said that she wants a large family with lots of kids because growing up, she was an only child.

Based on the latest video reported by YouTube channel ‘World Viral,’ the GMA's Primetime Queen is alleged to be pregnant again. 

This is allegedly her second child with her husband Dingdong Dantes. As of now, Marian is a mother to Baby Zia, whose real name is Maria Letizia Dantes. The video stated that the actress was asked about her “bonding time” with her husband.

Marian gave them an surprising look and quickly exclaimed, “Kayo talaga! Wala! Pero may na-made naman. Pero wala in Spain!” she laughed. 

We assume that Marian may be pertaining to the act of s*xual intercourse because of how she giggled and exclaimed at the question of “bonding” and how she answered it. 

“May na-made naman” stated by Marian may indicate that she and Dingdong really did 'made' a second child. These were all speculations because as of now, there are no confirmed reports claim that the actress was already pregnant. 

She was asked if she still has “me time” with her husband anymore. The actress said “Siyempre, meron naman. Pero ‘pag may kasama kang bata, hindi naman ‘yon ang priority namin. Kami, as a family.” 

Based on her statement, the actress may be imply that indeed, she may be referring to the quality time she and Dingdong are having as a couple. She added that whenever Baby Zia’s around, it’s not their priority.

Watch the full interview in this video below:

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