Tuesday, August 8, 2017

“Justice has been served. We are Free!” Ozamiz Citizens Take Their Walk Of Victory To Celebrate Their “Freedom” From the Parojinog's

Triumphant Ozamiz City citizen's stride along their city’s streets to honored their freedom from hands of Parojinog's. With them they handed their baloons which carried the phrase Justice has been served. We are Free!”
Last Sunday, July 30, a police raid took the lives of Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog and 14 others including his wife Susan, brother Octavio Jr., and sister Mona.
Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog and her brother Reynaldo “Dodo” Parojinog Jr. were arrested by the police and brought to Manila for ivestigation proceedings.
Packets of shabu, high-powered firearms, grenades and parcel of cash were reportedly recovered during the raid.

Some netizens expressed their consolation that the “untouchable” Parojinog's have been grateful of their alleged feudal hold on the city. Others say's the police raid was “overkill.”
As we can see in these viral photos, citizens of the Ozamiz City celebrating the fall of the alleged narcopolitician family.

President Rodrigo Duterte tag Mayor Parojinog and his daughter Vice Mayor Nova as the top narcopoliticians controlling the area within Mindanao. The Parojinogs decline any attachment with the illegal drug trade.

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