Wednesday, August 30, 2017

“Mabigat ang kamay niya! Ilang beses na ako na-medic!” Aiko Melendez Released Statement About Her Intense Scenes With Maja Salvador On Wildflower!

The tv show "Wildflower" is one of the top-rating shows on Philippine television and now on its second season. It is known for being sunstantial and intense. There are also many plot twists that keep the audiences crooked. However, it would not be successful without its talented actors. Unfortunately, accidents could not be avoided due to heavy fight scenes.

Aiko Melendez, who plays the role of Emilia, and Maja Salvador who portrays Ivy often get physical in their scenes. Their acting looks so believable and true on-screen. It is also the reason Melendez required medical assistance while on taping.

Moreover, there was a time where the two got carried away in their intense scene. Aiko even got a bad injury that required her to be brought to the hospital. In fact, medics had to treat her couple of times as she gets hurt every now and then when filming.

“Ang bigat ng kamay niya, ilang beses napo akong na-medic. Nahihirapan ako kasi hindi ko kayang manakit ng tao, so it’s not me. Hindi ko kayangt manakit physically,” Aiko stated.

During the cake scene, Maja accidentally poked Aiko’s eye which caused a blood clot. Still, Melendez did not blame Salvador. She stressed that she knew it was not intentional and appreciated the latter’s concern.

“All for the love of our craft to give our viewers what they deserve, sadly i got into a minor accident which caused me pain in my right eye, AND di naman sinasadya out of our emotional scene my right eye got compromised which led to blood clot,” Melendez wrote on Instagram.

Furthermore, Aiko commended Maja for being a good actress. She added that they work in sync which makes their acting effortless.

“You know one thing I like about Maja, ang tawag ko nga diyan baby girl. Isang tinginan lang namin, alam na namin kung paano mag-adlib. Isang tinginan lang namin, alam na kung paano i-arte ang mga eksena so I’m really blessed to be working with someone na kapag eksna niya, ibibigay ko at kapag eksena ko, ibibigay niya. Kaya mahal ko si Maja.”

What did happened to Aiko? Watch this video below:

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