Monday, August 28, 2017

MUST SEE: Arci Munoz Was Spotted Hiding Her Face To The Public! Is She Ashamed To Show Her Face?

Arci Munoz was on the hot seat as she was terribly the talk of the town as pictures of her from a show started to spread like wildfire online. Netizens noticed a major change in her face. Some people assumed that she underwent another plastic surgery operation to lift her nose. Some of her fans accept and understand the fact that it is her body and so she could do anything on it. Still, there are others who criticize her for too much altering her physical appearance.

Still, Arci Munoz once again showed herself to the public in an event. This is after her aleged face surgery issue went viral online.

Now she was seen wearing a face mask, she is with her rumored boyfriend Anthony Ng, Erich Gonzalez's ex-boyfriend. This led to public to assume she might be hiding her face relative to her recent surgery issue.

However, at he end of her video she was seen without her mask, and this is what she looks like.

Far from previous videos showing her different look.

Well, she's as stunning as ever!

Watch this video below:

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