Monday, August 28, 2017

MUST SEE: How Much Money Mayweaher Got After His Fight With McGregor Will Shock You!

Last Sunday, August 27, the American icon Floyd Mayweather secured victory in just under 30 minutes, pounding the gutsy Irish debutant into a 10th round stoppage. He beat Conor McGregor in the 10th round at T-Mobile Arena.

However, Many of us wondered how much did Mayweather got after winning the match.

In the latest facebook post of Alan Nogare we can see Mayweather waiting outside an exit door, then suddenly 3 people came out from the door carrying a cart. Mayweather open the back compartment of his car and transfered the money which is the cart's content. Netizens assumed that this money was Mayweathers prize after beating up McGregor in their recent match.

This video gained 2.3M Views, 3.8K Likes, 1,112 shares, and 959 Comments as of now.

In another video included in the post we can see Mayweather throwing money, actually dollars in particular. This video gained 1,418,313 Views, 5.9K Likes, 2,785 Shares, and 2,493 Comments as of this writing.

Watch this video's below:

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