Saturday, August 19, 2017

MUST SEE: Sizzling Hot Photos Of Chienna Filomeno Gone Viral!

Chienna Filomeno was the recently the talk of the town as she was considered one of those women's that every man's dream. This chinita girl was the dearest kontrabida on KathNiel romantic comedy, “Got to Believe”. She also played a roles in the hit movies, "Just the Way You Are" and "Can’t Help Falling in Love". She’s also a part of the all-girl group in “It’s Showtime”, "GirlTrends".

What precisely made her as one of those rising “IT Girl”? It is because of her massive Instagram following of 1.1 million as this writing and an Instagram account which totally considered as #goals.

Here are facts and snaps from Chie herself, and some tips how to win her heart.

First things, Chie is a food-lover and not a fan of dieting. She said:

“It doesn’t show, but I love food so much! Every two hours, I need to munch on something. I don’t believe in dieting because I think you should give what your body needs. So instead, I just make sure to eat fruits and vegetables every day.”

Secondly, she is admittedly a tita! Just like us! She said:

“My ideal night out is to have dinner somewhere chill with acoustics where we can still hear each other talk. Very tita hits. Haha!”

She hates being late, but is she willing to wait?

“I’m overly time conscious! I hate being late, and my close friends know that. I just don’t like it when someone’s waiting for me.”

Although she describes her style as minimalist and easygoing, Chie still looks classy in her tattered jeans.

“I don’t like to have a lot of things going on with my outfit, so I have so many white, gray, and black tops. Even for shoes, I have a lot of whites and nudes. I love tattered pants and boyfriend jeans. My style is very laid-back, but I still want it classy.”

Before being fashionista as she is now, Chie used to be a cosplayer about 10 years ago!

She is also a dog-lover, having one Labrador and two Lhasa Apsos to keep her company.

“They’re my stress relievers and I love them so much.”

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