Friday, August 11, 2017

Viral: This Video of An Elderly Pervert Rubbing His Crotch Against A Woman During a LANY Mall Concert Earned Lots of Negative Reactions!

LANY (pronounced lay-nee) an American Indie Electropop Band conducted a series of concerts at Ayala Malls this month. As expected, the band’s concerts were gathered by a huge number of their Filipino fans. Thousands of photos and videos taken during the band’s Metro Manila mall tour were uploaded on different social media platforms. You’ve probably seen a few of them yourself.

Still, a female netizen posted a interrupting video during a LANY mall concert. The video was shared by Facebook page “Hwarang PH.”

In the video, a pervert man was seen rubbing his groin towards the back side of a female teenager in his front who is an audience member. This definite act of s*xual harassment sicken many netizens.
While the purpose of the video was to raise awareness for women to an observant about their surroundings, the uploader received negative feedbacks from netizens, who condemn her for taking a video instead of stoping the s*xual harassment that was happening right in front of her.

In the video taken by the uploader, she was heard saying:
“Dinidikit po talaga niya, as in. Isa kang tunay na hokage…the legend!”
In her caption, the uploader wrote that she couldn’t tell the victim about what was being done to her because they were not even “close.” 
The caption is:
“Gigil ako ni Lolo. Matinde yung dutdot , sabay na sabay sa hiyaw at sa tugtog ng bandang LANY. Ginalingan. Di ko masabihan si ate gurl, di naman kami close. Sorry.”


The uploader then suggest women to be conscious about their surroundings and the clothes or dress they choose to wear. Still, it is significant to note that a pervert will always be appoint in any s*xual assault regardless of what the victim is wearing.

The uploader wrote:

“Please girls be aware po. Lalo na kong posturang postura ka, for sure matang-mata ka ng mga di matahimik na kamanyakan ng ibang lalake. Oo tuwang tuwa tayo sa ginagawa natin na in the end nababastos tayo ng di natin alam.”
“Tayo po sana sa sarili natin ang magsimula ng pagiingat in terms of damit na isusuot at sana marunong tayo makiramdam.”

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

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