Friday, August 4, 2017

Netizens Bang Coleen Garcia About Her Reaction on Ozamiz's Raid

On July 30, news broke out that members of the infamous Parojinog family, Mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog and his wife Susan werekilled after violently resisting arrest when the PNP served 6 search warrants for firearms and illegal drugs in their properties. Meanwhile their children, Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog, and her brotherReynaldo Parojinog Jr. were arrested after authorities found P1.4 million cash and half a kilogramof shabu in their house.

The Parojinog family was outed byPresident Rodrigo Duterte asnarcopoliticians who supported and lead the illegal drug trade in Ozamiz City.

A lot of Filipinos had mixed reactionsabout the incident with most people saying that the family deserved their fate. However, there were those who thought that what happened to the Parojinogs was quite suspicious as no one really knew what happened during the raid.

According to several reports, the police officials involved in the raid disconnected the wiring on the CCTV cameras installed inside the Parojinog residence.

But what really bothered most citizens is the way the police confronted the Parojinog family. One of the famous personalities who spoke up about the gruesome death of the Parojinogs is former “It’s Showtime” host, Coleen Garcia.

In a recent Tweet, Coleen expressed how disappointed she is about the current situation of the country.

However, netizens responded to her Tweet saying that the Parojinogs deserved what happened to them. The netizen even said that the political family have done a lot of unresposive things in Ozamiz. "Karma" as they said. Still, Coleen remained compassionate and said that everyone makes mistakes.

Despite Coleen’s attempt to get her point across the minds of many netizens, most of them remain indifferent towards the Ozamiz City raid. Check out what some Twitter users said:

Here are some of the netizens’ facebook comments:

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